How to access Session from an IHttpHandler

I’ve gotten a lot of use during my time coding with ASP.NET out of inheriting from IHttpHandler. I usually do this to handle dynamically-generated files in various formats (PDF, XLSX, and images to name a few). One thing that always irked me was the inability to access the HttpContext’s SessionState object to get things like connection strings and information about the logged-in user more easily to aid in generating my files; often I would end up encrypting those and cramming them into the query-string, which can present challenges such as replay attacks that I’d then have to find a way to prevent.

Getting started with Amazon AWS via C#

A while back I was putting together a website that, among other things, relied on being able to retrieve products from Amazon’s Product Advertising API. There isn’t a ton of documentation out there on how to do this, and it took me a long time to find information on how to do this in my language of choice, C#. Unfortunately, there isn’t anything as cool as the Zend Framework for .NET.

Cash Tracker is Now on the Web!

Have you ever wanted to feel confident with your finances? Have you ever wondered how making changes to your lifestyle would affect your livelihood over time? These were the things I wanted to know over two years ago. I didn’t care about all the fancy accounting terms associated with personal finances. I just wanted to know things like (for example) whether my family’s spending habits were acceptable or not or whether we could afford to go on a summer vacation or subscribe to a new magazine. Beta Launch

After a three days spent acquiring a new hosting space, migrating some websites from one place to another, and working out some kinks, Cash Tracker Online is finally available for public use. Just go to: and click the ‘Register Now’ button to get started.

Turning a WordPress Blog into a Book: Part One

Lately my lovely wife has been asking me to help her in the task of turning her blog (a WordPress installation like this one that I maintain for her) into a book. It’s a pretty daunting task, since her blog would easily surpass 1,000 pages if printed. After a few days of trying out different services and trying a variety of search terms, I just couldn’t find a good match for her blog.

Upcoming Launch:

The last 8 months have been pretty busy for me. I had the usual business of year-end (perks of running a tax-related product team) and then some. My energetic 2-year-old daughter is almost enough to keep me from posting at all, but I’m here now to announce (mostly to myself) that I’m back in the hunt. I have scheduled the last steps to launching and hope to do so in the next month (pending a hosting upgrade among other things). Sneak Peek

Here’s a preview of the account tracker I’m working on. I filled it with my own account data to make it look realistic (and because I’m migrating my own finances from the Windows app to the new framework), which is why most of the actual names and numbers are blurred out. Enjoy! Weekly Development Update – 9/2/2010

I’ve spent a lot of time working on in the past few days, and the done list is starting to outnumber the to-do list. Newly-initiated members of the done list are: Updates

I’ve been making some progress on the web project over the past few days. I’ve only got the steam for an hour or two each day, but since the last update I’ve accomplished a few things: Weekly Development Summary

This will be the first of a series of weekly updates about the Cash Tracker Online project.