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The Sub-query vs. the “UPDATE FROM” Statement

From time to time I run across a table I need to update based on an ID column or other condition that doesn’t originate from that table. This usually occurs when there are one or more foreign keys in play. For instance, consider the tables below:

Code Sample: ASP.Net Message Control

Relaying information snippets and error messages is one of the most common tasks between web application developers. The most basic control this can be done with is the Literal. That’s great for an internal application or a school project, but in the real world information has to be both visually appealing and convey what the message is about using an icon or other form of illustration.

How To: Build A Sign On Service Like Windows Live Using ASP.Net

If you run a business that serves a variety of web-enabled products to your clients, the task of implementing sign-on logic for each one can become redundant and hard to maintain. Having a single sign on service can help modularize the sign on process for all of your products as well as add fluidity as your users move between your services.

Multiple WordPress Sites on GoDaddy’s Windows Hosting

UPDATE: This post is now obsolete since GoDaddy now allows multiple installations of wordpress. I’ll call that a bug fixed!