Multiple WordPress Sites on GoDaddy’s Windows Hosting

UPDATE: This post is now obsolete since GoDaddy now allows multiple installations of wordpress. I’ll call that a bug fixed!

This is a fitting first post, since this site exists thanks to the solution. As referenced in some other spots, GoDaddy’s Windows hosting isn’t really WordPress-friendly. Being a .Net developer, I can’t live without the Windows hosting, but let’s face it: WordPress is pretty neat. Copying up my locally WORKING test blog just wasn’t enough, unfortunately. I found the only way to install WordPress was to go through GoDaddy’s “Hosting Connection” and have them set it up for me. The Hostinng Connection is just a big library of web applications you can one-click-install, and GoDaddy will do all the work for you in setting them up. So, I went through the install for my wife’s blog, no problem. Ten minutes later the blog was up and running ( I thought, “Hey, that was easy! Let’s add another.”

Wait. Now when I check the Hosting Connection, I only have the option to UNINSTALL WordPress? Come on! You let me install it in a subfolder, but you’re not going to let me install more than one copy? Eventually after talking with support and getting nowhere, I was frustrated enough to try uninstalling the first blog, so I clicked the “Uninstall” link. To my surprise it asked me if I wanted to delete the files and drop the database.

I said, “…. NO! I’ll keep them!”

After “uninstalling,” The very next thing I did was visit my wife’s blog. It was still there. I went back to the Hosting Connection and hit “Install” to install WordPress again, but pointed it at the “geekscrapbook” subfolder. 10 minutes later, I’ve got two–COUNT ‘EM, TWO–WordPress blogs on the same GoDaddy hosting account.

All this after 3-4 days of talking to support. Sometimes it’s just best to do things yourself.

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