Cash Tracker 0.9 (beta) Now Available for Download

After several months of testing/tweaking, I have released a beta version of Cash Tracker. I believe it to be a stable product at this point that is simply lacking in some extra features. You can go to the Cash Tracker page to download and install using Click-Once. I have also made the latest source code available on that page. Feel free to leave comments with any feature requests.

The Roadmap
I believe I am the only person who uses Cash Tracker on a consistent basis, but I’ve found the application so useful that I’m going to plow ahead until I’m satisfied. So, for the Cash Tracker 1.0 release I plan to unveil some big new features. Plus, I’ve determined to create an online version of the tool. Here are the steps needed to proceed to that point:

  1. Add most or all of the features on the upcoming features list
  2. Acquire a catchy web domain name and SSL certificate
  3. Possibly re-brand Cash Tracker under a different name for the web (i.e. whatever catchy domain name I find)
  4. Port the Windows project to a data-driven website project using ASP.NET and SQL Server technologies

If you’d like to contribute to the project, just drop me an email; I’ll be happy to set up a source control server. The project doesn’t really need funding beyond a web domain and SSL certificate purchase, but an extra pair of coding hands would definitely accelerate the release timeline.

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