Coming Soon! Screen Tracker: A Video Screen Capture Tool Built Using C# and .NET

It’s been a while since I worked on anything I’d consider “hobby code” on my own time. Recently, I had an idea for a utility that will require me to produce a library that will record video capture from the screen. I won’t say what it is, because if I can pull it off I will probably be visiting a patent office first. However, as I learn more about video capture (and audio capture as well), I will package up what I’ve produced into utilities that may be useful for someone else.

So what goodies do you have for us?
The tool I will post (most likely tonight or tomorrow, under the name Screen Tracker) will do the following:

  1. Record frames from the screen or a portion of the screen to a working directory.
  2. Compile the frames into an AVI formatted video file.

And my upcoming feature wish-list:

  1. Audio recording (either through the computer itself or via a microphone, maybe both)
  2. The ability to add an .mp3 or .wav audio track

Audio/video is not a world I am well-versed in, so don’t hold your breath on the wish-list 🙂 Just hope my great idea motivates me to make useful tools for you.

Cash Tracker going Beta
I’ve been using my latest version of Cash Tracker for a while, now, and it’s been working beautifully for me. I will probably post the most recent code and installer tonight or tomorrow as well. It’s ready for beta status, so I’ll update that designation as well (and maybe someone else will actually start using it!).

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