Screen Tracker Upgrade Available

I have just released a Screen Tracker update. I’ll get the source code uploaded at some point. In the mean-time, here is the new feature list:

  • Improved interface:
    • Allows you to select the recording area from a list of pre-defined options
    • Allows you to move the window around to “frame” your recording area
    • The window containing the recording area stays on top, so you always know what you’re recording
  • AVI files are now compressed using the WM3 video codec, resulting in far smaller file size
  • Frame rate is now throttled at 25 frames-per-second, resulting in somewhat-smaller file size
  • Ability to overwrite files when saving.
  • Progress bar shows save progress while exporting the AVI file.

If you already have Screen Tracker, you should get the update the next time you use it. If you don’t have it yet, just click the Screen Tracker link under “Downloads” or go to the Screen Tracker page to install the latest release.

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