Domain Purchased

I’ve decided to go ahead with the online version of Cash Tracker. I purchased and parked the domain on my personal hosting account today. You can view the “coming soon” splash page here. I’ve also decided to convert Cash Tracker to a web project before implementing any of the new features. I think the development will be much faster-paced because programming for the web is my strong suit. Also, the tool will be much more accessible on the web, and version control will be much easier to implement (no more converting .tfx files to a new version because of a schema change).

I already have the database all laid out on paper, and I will make database diagrams and code samples available as I finish them. At some point I may be forced to stop posting source code for the sake of security, but until I start collecting sensitive data (right now the data I track can’t be tied to anyone or any actual accounts), I will continue to post code here.


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