I’ve been making some progress on the web project over the past few days. I’ve only got the steam for an hour or two each day, but since the last update I’ve accomplished a few things:

  1. Worked out web and data hosting (thanks boss). GoDaddy just doesn’t give me enough control over things to go that route with any real web applications (although they’re great at hosting this blog!)
  2. Decided on some controls I’m licensed for through work. They aren’t free, but if you want to debug through any source code I make available you can install a trial. I decided quality was more important than making the code super easy to share in this case.
  3. CRUD finished for accounts.
  4. Some back-end work done on recurrences/transactions.
  5. Balance calculations are working.

Immediately next on my list are:

  • Logic for budget accuracy calculations (this one’s a new idea)
  • Logic for budget adjustment suggestions (based on the accuracy calculations, also a new idea)
  • CRUD for recurrences/manual entry/adjustments.
  • Account balance projection chart
  • More time spent on GUI design
  • Data export functionality
  • Process to drive new users to the most useful functionality right away so they see the real benefits over time (following the visualize, control, predict pattern):
    • Set up an account with recurrences to visualize the current state of the account
    • Use transactional adjustments to correct the budget with actual figures
    • Modify budget (recurrences) based on suggestions (control)
    • Using an established budget and calculations based on the average error margin, allow the website to predict the most accurate balance curve possible over the next year

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