Weekly Development Update – 9/2/2010

I’ve spent a lot of time working on in the past few days, and the done list is starting to outnumber the to-do list. Newly-initiated members of the done list are:

  1. Logic for budget accuracy calculations (just a method right now, no actual implementation on the site yet)
  2. CRUD for recurrences (and a slick interface to boot—I’m really enjoying working with these DevExpress controls)
  3. Account balance projection chart

So, that leaves the following stragglers on my to-do list before the first release (likely to be labeled an alpha—not all features are there, not everything works):

  • Actual implementation of the budget accuracy calculations (displayed as % error)
  • Logic/implementation for budget adjustment suggestions
  • CRUD for manual entry and adjustments
  • GUI work
  • Data export
  • Wizardry for new users to introduce them to key elements of the app

I’m really excited about where things are going with this project, to the point that I don’t think the Windows version of this project is going to be able to keep up with all the great features. I’ll tune in again next Thursday at the latest for another update on this (probably sooner). I should have some real web hosting by then, so I’m pushing hard to get a release out in the next two weeks.

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