Sneak Peek

Here’s a preview of the account tracker I’m working on. I filled it with my own account data to make it look realistic (and because I’m migrating my own finances from the Windows app to the new framework), which is why most of the actual names and numbers are blurred out. Enjoy!




  1. joseph says:

    ooh, pretty! DevExpress controls FTW 🙂

  2. Dave says:

    Yeah, plastic blue theme 🙂 There’s definitely a learning curve to them over the regular-old controls that ship with .NET and the AJAX toolkit, but the advantage is how nice they look out-of-the-box once you get the pattern down. Most of that has to do with the DevExpress controls using callbacks to do almost everything, which just works sometimes, but other times I have to take extra steps to make sure another control updates, etc.

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