Upcoming Launch: www.cashtrackeronline.com

The last 8 months have been pretty busy for me. I had the usual business of year-end (perks of running a tax-related product team) and then some. My energetic 2-year-old daughter is almost enough to keep me from posting at all, but I’m here now to announce (mostly to myself) that I’m back in the hunt. I have scheduled the last steps to launching www.cashtrackeronline.com and hope to do so in the next month (pending a hosting upgrade among other things).

I don’t plan to advertise the project anywhere but here and perhaps on facebook to my friends, so chances are I’ll be the only user for quite some time while I work out the kinks in what I consider a limited but stable beta. And honestly, that is okay. I am producing the tool as a favor to myself alone, a selfish indulgence. If it becomes something people really want, then great. If not, my purposes are still served.

Anyway, here is the run-down (straight from my personal OneNote notebook!) of things that need to be done before launch:

  • Get CTO up and running on www.cashtrackeronline.com via GoDaddy hosting and MS SQL database
    • Upgrade to Ultimate Hosting
      • Upgrade to 4GH to get SQL Server 08
        • Have to contact support (question sent in, awaiting a response)
    • Domain setup/assigned
    • SSL Certificate setup/assign
    • Project files uploaded
    • Database schema scripted w/ sample data
    • Third party binaries uploaded
    • Test and fix anything I missed
  • Add a registration page (keeping it simple, just ask for username (e-mail), display name, and password for now)

Once that is all worked out, I’ll focus on new functionality. Stay tuned!

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