Cash Tracker is Now on the Web!

Have you ever wanted to feel confident with your finances? Have you ever wondered how making changes to your lifestyle would affect your livelihood over time? These were the things I wanted to know over two years ago. I didn’t care about all the fancy accounting terms associated with personal finances. I just wanted to know things like (for example) whether my family’s spending habits were acceptable or not or whether we could afford to go on a summer vacation or subscribe to a new magazine.

Cash Tracker is a tool I built to help answer these questions more quickly than pencil-and-paper ever could. Cash Tracker not a budgeting application per-se. Instead, it begins by answering the most basic of questions—how much money will I have in a month, 6 months, or a year—in the simplest way possible.

Cash Tracker Online is a first step at bringing the tool I made for myself to the general public. Getting started is easy! First, go to (a secure website that will keep your information safe and private) and click the button that says ‘Register Now’. The site will guide you through registering and “tracking” your first bank account.

Once you have your first account being “tracked”, you can start adding recurrences (these are usually either bills or pay checks). The site will automatically start predicting your financial future using projected data points (such as your projected high and low balances over the next year). As you add more income and expenses, your “Account Balance Over Time” graph will allow you to visualize your financial state over the next year.

In the next few weeks I will publish some more articles showing just how powerful Cash Tracker Online can be. In the meantime, head on over to to take your finances for a spin!

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