Cash Tracker

Cash Tracker is an application I’m working on during my spare time to manage finances with. It’s an ongoing project centered around one simple idea: “How much money am I going to have?”

When I am looking at my account balances, this is the only question that I MUST know the answer to. Today’s personal finance software is a little much for me, because I really only care about looking at my income and expenses and using those figures to “guess” my balance at any point during the year. Using that kind of information is all I need to have complete peace of mind financially. If I’m going to be in trouble anytime in the next 12 months, I can find out easily. If I need to save for a purchase, I can adjust my expenses and know when I can buy that item I want.

Cash Tracker’s goal is to help people (like me) who balk at the idea of keeping track of every tiny cent still find some reassurance in knowing their current lifestyle is sustainable for the foreseeable future. However, Cash Tracker will allow any level of granularity the user has in mind. For example, instances of a recurring expense can be adjusted for things like electric bills that fluctuate. With all that in mind, the goal is to make the program simple to use at the same time.

C# Source code for Cash Tracker (beta) is now available! The current version is 0.9. Click here to download it.

A consumer download for Cash Tracker 0.9 is also available. Click here to install.

Features available in Cash Tracker:

  • Windows interface
  • Source code download
    • including Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 solution (Download Visual C# 2010 Express from Microsoft)
    • note: source version may lag a few revisions behind the latest installer
  • One-click installer
  • Recurrence tracking/projections
  • Transaction/adjustment tracking/projections
  • Tracker File Exchange (.tfx) file format for storing tracker data.
  • File association allows opening of Cash Tracker via opening any .tfx file.
  • Ability to save raw output to a CSV file.

Upcoming features not yet available in Cash Tracker, but planned in the next few iterations:

  • Integration with a report viewer to view some raw output.
  • Overall prettification
  • Usability improvements
  • Ability to record adjustments to recurrences (for instance, my light bill was actually $20 less than I budgeted for; I’d like to record an adjustment that is attached to the recurrence rather than record a manual transaction to offset the difference).
  • Ability to track a rolling year in addition to all historical data (instead of having a .tfx per year)
  • Ability to view multiple accounts via a single .tfx file (ala Online Banking)

Spare time is the main factor in getting this job done. I have a lovely wife and a beautiful baby girl that occupy the majority of my time. I don’t really want help, but if you’re loving this idea and want to pitch in, you could probably convince me to let you volunteer.

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