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Getting started with Amazon AWS via C#

A while back I was putting together a website that, among other things, relied on being able to retrieve products from Amazon’s Product Advertising API. There isn’t a ton of documentation out there on how to do this, and it took me a long time to find information on how to do this in my language of choice, C#. Unfortunately, there isn’t anything as cool as the Zend Framework for .NET.

ASP.NET Maintenance Scheduling Made Easy

Any time I have code I need to release for an ASP.NET website that I know is going to cause a recompile (like anything in app_code, any new binaries, master pages, user controls, etc.) I try to avoid doing it when I know there are a lot of users on the site. The best way to ensure that nobody will be using your website is to add scheduled maintenance support to your site. It’s very easy to do and it can save you and your users a lot of headache while you make updates.

How To: Build A Sign On Service Like Windows Live Using ASP.Net

If you run a business that serves a variety of web-enabled products to your clients, the task of implementing sign-on logic for each one can become redundant and hard to maintain. Having a single sign on service can help modularize the sign on process for all of your products as well as add fluidity as your users move between your services.

Multiple WordPress Sites on GoDaddy’s Windows Hosting

UPDATE: This post is now obsolete since GoDaddy now allows multiple installations of wordpress. I’ll call that a bug fixed!