Domain Purchased

I’ve decided to go ahead with the online version of Cash Tracker. I purchased and parked the domain on my personal hosting account today. You can view the “coming soon” splash page here. I’ve also decided to convert Cash Tracker to a web project before implementing any of the new features. I think the development will be much faster-paced because programming for the web is my strong suit. Also, the tool will be much more accessible on the web, and version control will be much easier to implement (no more converting .tfx files to a new version because of a schema change).

Screen Tracker Upgrade Available

I have just released a Screen Tracker update. I’ll get the source code uploaded at some point. In the mean-time, here is the new feature list:

Screen Tracker Download Available

The Screen Tracker tool is now available. View the Screen Tracker page for details. There’s also a new download link for it on the menu to the right. Screen Tracker is still very rough around the edges. Immediate improvements to be made are:

Cash Tracker 0.9 (beta) Now Available for Download

After several months of testing/tweaking, I have released a beta version of Cash Tracker. I believe it to be a stable product at this point that is simply lacking in some extra features. You can go to the Cash Tracker page to download and install using Click-Once. I have also made the latest source code available on that page. Feel free to leave comments with any feature requests.

Coming Soon! Screen Tracker: A Video Screen Capture Tool Built Using C# and .NET

It’s been a while since I worked on anything I’d consider “hobby code” on my own time. Recently, I had an idea for a utility that will require me to produce a library that will record video capture from the screen. I won’t say what it is, because if I can pull it off I will probably be visiting a patent office first. However, as I learn more about video capture (and audio capture as well), I will package up what I’ve produced into utilities that may be useful for someone else.

Connection Timeout Using LINQ DataContext

For a while now, I’ve had a website that was sporadically encountering the following error:

Seeing the Big Picture While Getting Caught Up in the Details

I’ve always wanted to know how things work. By the time I learned to talk I was asking my mother things she couldn’t answer:

Serializing Data with System.Runtime.Serialization.DataContractSerializer

Last time we discussed Serializing Data with System.Xml.Serialization.XmlSerializer. We will be using the same sample solution for this article.

Serializing Data with System.Xml.Serialization.XmlSerializer

Serializing objects is often a useful way to save the state of an application. Let’s take a look at doing this using the XmlSerializer object.

Cash Tracker (pre-alpha) Now Available for Download

I’m happy to announce there’s now a somewhat usable version of Cash Tracker available for download. Click here to get it!