Screen Tracker

Screen Tracker is a video screen capture tool built using C# and .NET. It’s another hobby application of mine. I needed a program that would allow me to record my computer screen, so as a favor to the general public I’ve started an independent project for it here.

Eventually Screen Tracker will evolve into a full-fledged screen presentation suite. As I add more features and make it easy to use, I will post updated versions of the code. For now I’ll make it available to anyone who wants to use it in its current state. She’s not pretty, but she’ll get the job done!

C# Source code for Screen Tracker (beta) is now available! The current version is 0.9. Click here to download it.

A consumer download for Screen Tracker 0.9 is also available. Click here to install.

Features available in Screen Tracker:

  • Windows interface:
    • Allows you to select the recording area from a list of pre-defined options
    • Allows you to move the window around to “frame” your recording area
    • The window containing the recording area stays on top, so you always know what you’re recording
    • Progress bar shows save progress while exporting AVI files.
  • Ability to capture frames from the screen at up to 25 frames-per-second
  • Ability to compile captured frames into a compressed AVI-formatted video file for play-back using the WM3 codec
  • Source code download 
    • including Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 solution (Download Visual C# 2010 Express from Microsoft)
    • note: source version may lag a few revisions behind the latest installer
  • One-click installer

Upcoming features not yet available in Screen Tracker, but planned in the next few iterations:

  • Ability to record the computer’s audio output
  • Ability to record microphone input
  • Ability to add an audio track from an existing .mp3 or .wav file

I’ll repeat the disclaimer from the Cash Tracker project: Spare time is the main factor in getting this job done. I have a lovely wife and a beautiful baby girl that occupy the majority of my time. I don’t really want help, but if you’re loving this idea and want to pitch in, you could probably convince me to let you volunteer.

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